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Please note these ceremonies are for over-18s only.



Yes I do, under certain circumstances! Please contact me here for more information. 

No. I am a cacaoista, meaning I work in partnership with the cacao spirit, sharing her medicine and guiding others on journeys to connect with her for their own personal healing: working with cacao is my calling. I was initiated as a cacaoista by a highly experienced Amazonian plant medicine shaman, but I am not a shaman, and do not initiate others. 

Participating in a few ceremonies with me does not equate to an apprenticeship training in plant spirit medicine nor in holding ceremonial space for others.

At the root of any plant medicine ceremony is a deep respect for the plant spirit we are invoking, and also an honouring of the sincere open-heartedness and vulnerability each participant is bringing to the ceremony. I share this sacred medicine with those who are sincerely wanting to connect with Ixcacao for their personal healing or genuine curiosity to experience a plant medicine, rather than those simply hoping for ideas for a new holistic offering to add to their eclectic toolkit, wanting to study how I work with cacao in ceremony, and trying to take what is not being given. (This is also profoundly disrespectful to all the participants who are opening their hearts fully and vulnerably to the ceremonial experience.) 

 I wish to share cacao's medicine with integrity and full respect for her power;  it is a great honour to be able to work with her. 


I offer these sacred ceremonies for groups of women, so there is a supportive feminine energy to these sharing circles. I'm sometimes asked why my ceremonies are for women only. There is no protocol against men consuming sacred cacao, it's simply my personal calling to share with women primarily. I appreciate that many men are in touch with their feminine side too!

Cacao has a feminine energy which can be healing to connect with if you are a woman needing to heal your own relationship to your feminine aspect in some way, or to other females in your life. (Mother & daughter & childhood issues often come up!) Participants in these ceremonies often seek healing from trauma and abuse in ways which make an all-female environment feel much safer too.

In a sense, I feel cacao's restoration to sacred plant status, after 500 years of being debased, stripped of its inherent spiritual power and reduced to a highly processed piece of confectionery is perhaps being mirrored in the ways the sacred feminine is being restored within the consciousness of may western women. Western/European culture & the various patriarchal monotheisitic religions have repressed and abused and dishonoured the feminine, the intuitive, the heart-based, the sacred, Mother Earth/Nature for centuries...Perhaps this is why so many women are being called now to connect with Ixcacao's loving, maternal energy. 

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