Please see below for booking policy including covid-related info.
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These sessions are offered in line with current government guidance regarding Covid 19. (One-to-one work is now permitted again!)

There is no close contact work involved in these cacao sessions so no PPE is required. We are simply required to maintain safe physical distancing, good hygiene and a ventilated space, as with group ceremonies.  (Last year I held several group ceremonies following these guidelines, and there were no cases of virus transmission, happily!) These sessions will take place in a clean, dedicated treatment room used only for one-to-one sessions. You may wear a face covering for some stages if you choose to- it's not required, but appreciated if you are comfortable doing this. I will ask you to bring a few items yourself such as a water bottle, cup and blanket, but I provide a shiatsu-style massage futon mat  with a clean fabric covering for you to lie down on for your nidra or inner journeying.

If either you or someone you live with develops symptoms of Covid 19 (see below), or tests positive regardless of symptoms, or if any of the above happens to me, we will  need to reschedule the session.

BOOKING POLICY including Covid-related info:

Full payment is required 48hrs before the session, to confirm your appointment. Bookings are non-refundable, unless I need to cancel the session (including if this happens because of eg another lockdown or if I am unwell), in which case you will be refunded in full or can choose to reschedule your session. My usual policy is no transfers are possible with less than 24hrs notice. The exception to this is of course, if you or someone you live with has any symptoms of Covid 19 (eg high temperature; new & persistent cough;or loss or change to your sense of taste or smell) you will need to isolate & get tested. Please do not come for your session! I will reschedule your booking in this case, of course, even with less than 24hrs notice. Similarly, if you or someone you live with tests positive for Covid, even without symptoms, you will need to isolate. Again, in this instance, I will reschedule your booking.