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 - Heart-oriented lunar vinyasa yoga & nature-based spirituality, for women who have previous yoga experience
Thursdays 6.45 - 8pm 
at The Mint Methodist Church, Fore St, Exeter
£55 for 6 x 75min classes

Each course is self-contained so you do not need to have taken previous Heart Flow courses to join.
HEART FLOW #11 - Next and final course:  16th May - 20th June 2019
16th / 23rd / 30th May & 6th / 13th / 20th June
- please contact me if you are interested in booking onto this course

These unique and intimate, crafted  courses are open to women who are familiar with my Holistic Vinyasa style of Yoga, or are experienced in similar styles, who would like to learn more about yoga philosophy, and are also sympathetic towards a more nature-based spirituality, observing the solar and lunar cycles as we flow. This course will also suit you if you want to deepen your yoga practice and knowledge, and build on it each week (something which is hard to do in a drop-in class where there may be different newcomers & levels of experience every time). This is an intermediate level course, and fairly dynamic: you don't need to be superadvanced, but there will be more focus on flow and less on basic techniques.

If you don't already have a home practice, I hope this course will also give you the tools & confidence to begin one! You'll receive course handouts including asana sequences to help with this.

Over the weeks, we'll progress through sequences of dynamic grounding, strengthening, balancing, releasing hip-opening and heart opening postures, deepening our connection to the earth, the sky and - of course - our inner selves.

The course syllabus will vary according to the season, but as an example, here's the syllabus for the Sep/Oct 2017 course:

WK 1: Autumn Equinox - creating balance (balancing on & off the mat), prana & nadis, yamas & niyamas.
WK 2: Cultivating strength - strong standing flows building to Bird of Paradise; lower body & core strength, chakras.
WK 3: Full Moon - lunar energy & natural cycles. Moon salutations, lunar flows & other moon-related asana, natural cycles & reconnecting with nature, moon/ocean connections. Wholeness.
WK 4: Cultivating an open heart - backbends including sequences from the Ashtanga second series, bowing to the wisdom of the heart & trusting the unseen. The four outer limbs of yoga: Yama/Niyama/Asana/Pranayama
WK 5: New Moon - new beginnings, turning inward in the darkness: reflecting on & letting go of self-limiting beliefs & old stories; meditation & pranayama; inversions & forward bending introverted, inward-gazing poses. Cultivating deep internal strength. The four inner limbs of yoga: Pratyahara/Dharana/Dhyana/Samadhi.

WK 6: Spiralling Upward - taking stock of the journey so far, progress as spiral rather than linear! Twisting poses, kundalini, the five koshas.

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