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Relaxing, nurturing abdominal treatments - for women only 

As my practice has evolved, I now focus on Thai abdominal treatments, although these still address other areas of the body: abdominal massage is actually really helpful also for relieving lower back tension, for example.

For an small extra fee I can include a cacao ritual with your treatment at the start of the session.


Thai Yoga Massage is a name sometimes given to Traditional Thai Massage, which combines yoga posture-inspired stretches and joint-manipulation with oriental-style acupressure using palming and thumbing along energy lines (sen lines) and acupressure points to balance subtle energy (lom/prana). 

Although we are working with the physical body, Thai - like many other eastern and indigenous styles of bodywork - is really focused on working with the more subtle energetic layer of your being. Traditional Thai massage has its roots partly in Thai folk medicine, partly in Buddhist healing practices as well as other influences from neighbouring Asian holistic healing /wisdom traditions. Alongside the acupressure and energy lines, Thai massage uses breathing and stretches to release energy blockages, and help to unwind our habitual, unbalanced posture patterns in the body, and release both physical and emotional tension - just as yoga does. Thai massage's partly Buddhist origins bring a compassionate, spiritual dimension to this form of bodywork.

I trained in the "Northern style" (see below for more about my training etc), which is less forceful than the Wat Pho/Southern style - and my own personal style these days is gentler than what you would experience in Thailand. I favour a slower pace, listening to the body, working more intuitively and focusing on quality of touch, allowing for greater responsiveness rather than imposing lots of different & fast techniques, which I find can be unsettling as a recipient, and does not allow space for the body to respond.

Breathing & relaxation are the key to receiving the full benefits of Thai massage. Treatments are practiced as a meditative flow, so conversation is kept to a minimum throughout.  You will be lying down on a mat on the floor, fully clothed - this is not a table top or oil massage.


"For the second time I've treated myself with the Thai massage, accompanied with the loving, heart opening cacao, with Tania...Tania is very gentle yet strong, it felt as she has listened to my body's needs and helped me to release lots of physical and emotional tension. Thanks to paying special attention to my lower back I was pain free after the session, I am very grateful!"


"Prior to the cacao ceremony (and within the same session) I received Thai massage therapy from Tania. This is a wonderfully relaxing form of massage therapy and a perfect accompaniment to the 121 cacao ceremony; the whole experience was deeply relaxing and rejuvenating and I came away feeling calm and grounded, with a sense of release and an open heart. Thank you, Tania!"-


"Tania … I almost don’t have the words to describe what a blessing it is to receive massage from you...I just wanted to reach out and thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise in Thai Yoga Massage... Tyou have a gentle power which ...invited an unravelling
and an exploration inwards which reverberated through the rest of the week and into my daily life having a very positive effect on my whole being….From the very bottom of my heart thank you."

 - SUE B

I'm based in Devon and travel to you for these sessions.
To discuss & book a treatment contact me here.

PRICES: (an additional charge may be applicable for travel)

60mins £45
75mins £55

I have a strong connection to cacao plant medicine and have been sharing for several years in dedicated group circles and 121 for women; as my work has evolved, I can now bring this gentle heart medicine into my sacred bodywork sessions as well.  Learn more about one-to-one cacao offerings here.

Please note that if you cancel your appointment with less than 24hrs' notice the full fee is still payable as I have set aside that time for you and may have turned down other clients.

Please wear loose/comfortable clothing for your treatment, as you would for a yoga class, and refrain from eating for a couple of hours beforehand.

My training is rooted in the northern style, Asokananda lineage of Thai massage:

- 2013-14 introductory training in Devon (with Emma Cayless)

- 2014 intensive main training with Ashokananda's son, Chatchoi Jamu of the Sunshine Network, in Huai Naam Rin, a Lahu Hill Tribe village in the mountains of the far north of Thailand: this training focused on the skills to give a 2hr full body Thai massage. 
- Advanced Thai Massage Techniques training with Hadadi School of Thai Massage, 2017, in Portugal.

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