I first heard about cacao plant medicine in 2014 whilst training in Thai massage in a hill tribe village in Thailand. 

During a transformative stay on the Hawaiian island of Maui at the end of 2015, I experienced a profound heart-opening (without cacao)... and this really set me on a clearer path towards the energy of the heart...I began connecting more with cacao as a medicine/superfood in the next couple of years, but in 2017 cacao really began to call me very clearly as a plant spirit. I experienced my first ceremony in London that summer, and felt strongly connected to the energy: it was the closest to the blissful heart-opening I had experienced since Maui.

Inspired by this, I started creating "Yoga Cacao Nidra" workshops to explore combining cacao and the deeply relaxed, naturally altered states of consciousness induced by yoga nidra with heart-opening yoga practices. I loved holding these workshops, and introducing my yoga students to the beautiful heart-opening qualities of cacao. I felt a stronger calling through these to share cacao in dedicated cacao ceremonies, and so in spring 2018 I travelled to Ibiza for a cacaoista apprenticeship training with Rebekah, a plant medicine practitioner who taught a way of working with cacao in a ceremonial framework rooted in the Western Amazonian plant medicine traditions of her own initiation. 


Following my own powerfully affecting ceremonial experiences during my training, I continued my own personal studies and ever-deepening relationship with Ixcacao and her medicine, connecting, journeying and working with her by myself and also holding safe, compassionate space and guiding others on powerful, deep journeys.  I bring a gentle, intimate, compassionate energy to the women's ceremonies I've been holding regularly since 2018;  I also draw on many years of experience holding safe, compassionate and sacred/healing space as a yoga teacher (since 2012) and a Thai massage therapist (since 2015). (Learn more about my path here.)

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