I share yoga as an embodied, meditative and spiritual practice for self-healing, self-inquiry & nurturing, and particularly enjoy sharing this approach with women, as yoga can provide us with a way of connecting with our physicality, as an antidote to so much cultural conditioning! I am not a performer, and my classes are not about teaching you to do flashy poses or giving you a tough workout; I'm interested in guiding and empowering you to feel better in your body & soul, and inspiring you to be responsible for your own health & healing on all levels. Physical yoga practices were traditionally done to prepare the practitioner for meditation, creating greater harmony and stability as fertile ground for flourishing health & spiritual expansion; that's certainly been my personal experience and that's what I hope to share with you!

I coined the name "Lunar Vinyasa" to describe my mindful, feminine, nurturing approach to yoga, offering a practice rooted in cultivating awareness of what we are experiencing in our bodies & minds, awareness of breath, and cultivating a balance of flowing movement and stillness. This style offers sequences inspired by the softer, more "feminine" moon salutes and lunar cycles, combined with slower, held postures - a more "yin"/ restorative approach -  inviting you to cultivate your own personal balance of strengthening and letting go. I will sometimes gently weave in elements of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, as this style has formed one of the lasting foundations of my own practice, along with more traditional Hatha Yoga. I often speak about the more subtle energetic aspects of the practice, and  how these relate to varying levels of our consciousness and inner balance. Yoga is rooted in a philosophical & ethical system too; I used to teach these more explicitly but these days I tend to allow things to filter through & arise organically in class!


This is a practice for those seeking an embodied, healing, inward-focusing meditative approach to yoga practices, using postures to develop mindfulness and cultivate states of deeper awareness and self-understanding and compassion. This is not about being "good" at yoga poses or being bendy or strong, it's about being sensitive to yourself and understanding your needs.

I teach with depth and sensitivity encouraging my students to be intuitive, to listen to and be guided by the needs of their own bodies, and find the expression of a pose which feels best for them. I have rich experience in healing lower back & hip issues through my own personal yoga practice and people often report feeling very safe in my classes - I offer plenty of anatomically-safe alignments in my  instructions, and will discuss aspects of  anatomy to help you understand what you're experiencing in your own body.

Classes always end with a relaxation & sometimes a yoga nidra (yoga sleep) so that you can leave feeling deeply rested and nourished as well as energised. 
Please note classes are not suitable for under-16s .

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