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sacred cacao & THAI MASSAGE
ritual treatments

Relaxing, nurturing treatments - for women only

UPDATE: For the time being, I have decided not to resume close-contact work at this time of pandemic. It feels wiser and safer to focus on my cacao and yoga offerings (which can still take place one-to-one using safe physical distancing and ventilation of the space. Please do contact me to register interest in case things change in the future!

I have been a professional Thai massage practitioner since 2015. (click here to read about my Thai massage background)

I no longer offer full body massage; instead, I offer Thai massage focusing on the abdomen and lower body, as part of a special session which also draws deeply on my work with cacao plant medicine, and your choice of a relaxing nidra or meditative guided inner journey. Each session is tailored to the individual's needs and preferences, and it's possible to have a full personal one-to-one cacao ceremony woven into this treatment if you like. (This would require a longer session of 2.5 - 3hrs in total, to still allow for 45mins of Thai massage at the start.)


After discussing your intentions and needs for the session, we will drink ceremonial grade Peruvian criollo cacao together, an ancient sacred practice to assist in connecting to the energy of the heart. After this ritual, you will lie down, fully clothed, on a special organic massage mat and let go, enjoying gentle Thai massage for your lower body and an abdominal massage, to ground and relax you, whilst the cacao and I take care of you!  

(Please note this is not Chi Nei Tsang or any other special therapeutic abdominal modality, it's simply a relaxing Thai massage working a little of the feet, legs & hips and then mostly on the abdomen, all fully clothed. If you're a previous client you most likely already received the same abdominal massage from me as part of your general treatment!)

Cacao is a noted heart-opening plant medicine - I'm a trained, experienced cacao practitioner (learn more about my cacao work here) and will discuss how much is right for you for the session. If consumed under the right circumstances, in a ceremonial setting and a safe, sacred, meditative space, cacao can assist inner journeying and the release of emotional tension, especially blockages around the heart-space; this allows you to drop into deeper states of peacefulness, ease, relaxation and blissfulness. 


The final part of the treatment builds on the foundation of a relaxed body and a cacao-infused heart, as we embark on your choice of guided meditation, relaxation or inner journey. (We will discuss what you'd like prior to the session itself.)

My intention is to offer you a deeply relaxing, nourishing, restorative experience on all levels, drawing together the heart-medicine of the cacao tree's seeds and the sweetest fruits of my favourite practices for resting and revitalising the body and nurturing heart and soul.


Thai massage treatments are performed fully clothed (simply wear loose, comfortable clothing such as what you would wear for a yoga class) on a futon on the floor

When lockdown eases, I will be offering an adapted treatment in which you'll be lying on your back (fully clothed) throughout. This adapted treatment will focus on lower body ie feet, legs, hips, and a full abdominal massage - this is a lovely and deeply relaxing experience, probably my favourite area to work. We hold so much tension and energy in the abdominal area, and massaging this area is also wonderful for releasing lower back tension!

Breathing & relaxation are the key to receiving the full benefits of Thai massage. Treatments are practiced as a meditative flow, so I like to work with gentle, non-distracting music in the background, to enhance the rhythm, flow and energy of the treatment - I find it really helps the quality of my work. (However, I find too much talking breaks the flow so don't be offended if I don't converse much with you during the treatment!)  As the recipient, all you need do is lie back and breathe, surrender to the experience, and enjoy the healing journey, transporting you to a place of deep relaxation and bliss.

I am based in Totnes so mostly work here; sessions in Exeter may be possible sometimes. To discuss this and book a treatment contact me here.

Please wear loose/comfortable clothing for your treatment, as you would for a yoga class.


Learn more about Thai massage & my training here

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