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Relaxing, nurturing treatments - for women only
(I will be offering this new combined session as soon as the lockdown eases!)

Once lockdown lifts, I will be focusing on a really special new offering which I've been planning for some time: a unique new signature treatment, combining a sacred cacao ritual with Peruvian ceremonial grade cacao (I am also a trained, highly experienced cacaoista), gentle and relaxing Thai bodywork for the lower body & abdomen, and your choice of guided meditation, relaxation or inner journey, all infused with a Hawaiian flavour! My intention is to offer you a deeply nourishing, restorative, and subtly spiritual experience on all levels, drawing on all the holistic healing disciplines I have been working with over the years, and the spirit of traditional Hawaiian healing practices (lomilomi) which continue to be a deep inspiration.

I will be offering these treatments in line with covid-related safety protocols:  while sharing a sacred cacao ritual, we will maintain safe physical distancing; during the actual bodywork portion, when working on the lower body and abdominal area, I will ask you to wear a face mask, and I will do the same. I will be treating no more than one person a day, changing my clothes for each treatment, using hand sanitiser - but also with Thai massage, I can work through your clothing and so avoid skin-to-skin contact. For the guided meditation/nidra relaxation/inner journey portion, I will maintain a safe physical distance from you. 

This whole experience can be tailored to last 1 - 2hrs; I'd recommend at least 90mins ideally!

*The bodywork portion will last no longer than 45mins as this is the maximum recommended timing to limit close contact work during the pandemic.

For more information, and for details of pricing, please contact me to register your interest and discuss your needs. Then we can arrange an appointment as soon as lockdown lifts!

Over the years, I have developed my own Thai massage treatment style which is much more gentle, slow, relaxing and nurturing than you might have experienced in Thailand (where you can sometimes feel a bit pummelled!) Although I did my main training there in the traditional northern style,  I work more slowly & responsively with the body, to allow it time to release and relax more. I also have some basic training in traditional Hawaiian lomilomi massage (this is different to the modern "Temple style" or "Huna" massage more commonly found in Europe): in 2015 received one-to-one training in basic lomilomi techniques whilst on the Hawaiian island of Maui; and since then some of the theory, practice and spirit of lomilomi has been filtering organically into my work.



Thai massage treatments are performed fully clothed (simply wear loose, comfortable clothing such as what you would wear for a yoga class) on a futon on the floor

When lockdown eases, I will be offering an adapted treatment in which you'll most likely be lying on your back (fully clothed) throughout - although if you have particular physical issues you'd like me to address we can try to weave those in too eg in side position. This adapted treatment will focus mostly on lower body ie feet, legs, hips, and a full abdominal massage - this is a lovely and deeply relaxing experience, probably my favourite area to work and it's also wonderful for releasing lower back tension too!

Deep breathing & relaxation are the key to receiving the full benefits of Thai massage. Treatments are practiced as a meditative flow, so I like to work with gentle, non-distracting music in the background, to enhance the rhythm, flow and energy of the treatment - I find it really helps the quality of my work. (However, I find too much talking breaks the flow so don't be offended if I don't converse much with you during the treatment!)  As the recipient, all you need do is lie back and breathe, surrender to the experience, and enjoy the healing journey, transporting you to a place of deep relaxation and bliss.

I am based in Totnes, but may be able to travel to you. To book a treatment contact me here.

Please wear loose/comfortable clothing for your treatment, as you would for a yoga class.

I will be offering this Sacred Cacao Ritual Treatment in 75min / 90min / 2hr sessions; I would highly recommend at least 90 mins to allow for all three stages of this session to be fully experienced!


The first stage involves sharing (in separate cups!) ceremonial cacao which I have been working with professionally as a sacred plant since 2018; the second stage involves gentle Thai bodywork focusing on lower body & abdomen (for no more than 45mins currently) - I have been a professional Thai therapist since 2015; and the final stage is your choice of a guided meditation, a deeply relaxing yoga nidra, or a guided inner journey (as I share in my cacao ceremonies) - I've been sharing yoga and holding sacred healing space since 2012, and guiding women on deep inner journeys with the assistance of sacred cacao since 2018. 

Pricing will depend on how long you choose for your session (which is partly determined by what you select for the final part), and also your location - additional charges may sometimes apply for venue hire/travel costs - contact me for a quote depending on location.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note: if you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours' notice you will still need to pay for the session. Advance payment is much appreciated, to confirm your booking 48hrs before the session.  Thank you for respecting this!



I am trained in the northern style of traditional Thai massage (which is gentler than the southern style taught in Wat Pho, Bangkok), in the Asokananda lineage. After some basic training in Devon in 2013-14 (with Emma Cayless), I travelled to Thailand for my main training in 2014 with Chatchai Jamu of the Sunshine Network, in Huai Naam Rin, a Lahu Hill Tribe village in the mountains of the far north of Thailand. 

I began working as a professional Thai massage therapist in early 2015.

I returned to Thailand in the winter of 2016-17 offering Thai massage treatments as well as teaching yoga at a retreat centre in southern Thailand, working with western and Thai clients.

I did my Advanced training  in Portugal with Hadadi School of Thai massage in 2017.

* In December 2015 I also received some one-to-one training in traditional Hawaiian lomilomi at Ho'omana Training & Spa, Maui, Hawaii.

Learn more about my massage background & work here

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