WHY COME TO A CACAO medicine circle?

You might feel drawn to nature/earth-based spiritual traditions, or a longing to connect with something "sacred" in a way you maybe haven't been able to so far, and experience a non-"religious" sacred setting with a shared compassionate, supportive group energy.
You might be particularly interested in the indigenous Mayan cultures of Mesoamerica.

You might be curious about traditional plant spirit medicine and its spiritual and/or healing potential, but also not wanting to ingest anything extremely psychoactive.

Maybe there's a particular issue you wish to look at in your life, something you can't let go of, an experience from the past or a pattern you keep playing out in your life, which you know is blocking you from experiencing greater wellbeing & flourishing. A ritual ceremonial setting can help you frame your intention to let go or reframe things and cacao's heart-opening medicine can help you release old emotional blockages of the heart, perhaps with a gentle purge of tears.
Perhaps you are seeking guidance or clarity & perspective, & would like to find a way to access greater insight on your situation.

Perhaps you wish you could be more intuitive, connecting with your intuition & tapping into the "higher" levels of awareness which our everyday overactive, analytical, rational minds often prevent us from accessing. In these circles, you will be gently and safely guided into subtly altered states of consciousness (nothing hallucinatory or delusional!) - similar to dream or near-sleep states. It is a deeply relaxed, expansive state of mind - but you are always in control, so you can feel totally safe throughout. Cacao works with you gently, she does not impose anything on you.

You may be seeking a way to open up your heart - perhaps you sense that constrictive emotions such as pain, sadness, fear, anger, grief & anxiety are stopping you from being as open, joyful, honest, loving, expressive & brave as you would like to be.

Or...maybe you are in a good place and are simply curious about plant medicines - maybe you've heard about cacao specifically, or else you might have heard of other medicines, but are wary about the possible effects of taking a strong psychoactive which might require a long, tough journey to integrate afterwards.

Maybe it's all of the above!

Cacao is both safe and legal. It is not only recognised as a nutritional powerhouse (a true superfood); since at least ancient Mesoamerican times, cacao's heart-stimulating properties have been known to humans, and ceremonial-grade cacao possesses an energy, a vibrancy, an essence not present in more processed  cacao-derivatives (including "raw" cacao powder & paste, which is not as raw as you might think, though still very nutritious as a food rather than a plant medicine). With cacao - as with other ritual plants- when consumed intentionally, in a sacred space, we can connect with the spiritual essence of the plant. 

Everything about the cacao space I create is intended to cultivate an experience of being safely held and guided, so that you can relax on all levels, feeling able to share & be open to the experience, open to what arises when you allow the rational mind to switch off so that the more intuitive, expansive states can be accessed.

Please note: I offer these cacao medicine circles as an opportunity for women to experience this heart medicine in a healing, safe, held space; I ask that you respect this and please come in this spirit. These circles are for personal healing and spiritual exploration, not a training or workshop for those wanting to learn to hold their own cacao circles.   


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