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I'm Tania

- I am a trained, experienced cacao ritualist, sharing cacao as a plant spirit medicine, in intimate group and 121 ceremonies since 2018.  My ceremonies are for those seeking an authentic, grounded, non-performative approach to ceremony, working with cacao as a sacred ritual offering and medicine. It was important to me to study with indigenous teachers, to visit in person, honour the traditions, cultures, land; I share with permission and respect. Learn more here.


Alongside a nature-based spiritual orientation, eastern philosophies and holistic health have also been a big part of my life. I'm a long-term Yoga practitioner (since 1995) and teacher, (since 2012) and student of eastern philosophies (Taoist and Zen particularly speak to me); I sit zazen daily. I hold degrees in both western philosophy and fine art - seeing how all this fits together (or not!) is an ongoing process...

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