Cacao ceremonies are now running again, as is my Tuesday evening yoga class at the Lotus Loft!

I'm Tania - a cacao plant medicine ceremonialist, yoga teacher, and Thai massage therapist; I am trained, certified and fully insured as a professional practitioner in all of these disciplines.

I have a deep-rooted interest in exploring and sharing holistic healing practices for embodied, emotional and spiritual health, oriented in a nature-based spirituality. I am greatly inspired by traditional healing and wisdom teachings from around the world, from cultures where the respect for the sacredness of nature and a holistic understanding of health on all levels have survived. I have a particular passion for the healing & spiritual wisdom traditions of Hawaii, and for the indigenous and curandera traditions of the Americas.

I  share nurturing, heart-oriented offerings as spiritual, meditative, nourishing and healing practices. I'm one of a small group of cacaoistas certified by Ritual Cacao following my apprenticeship training; I'm also a member of the Independent Yoga Network and the Thai Healing Alliance. I'm currently based in Totnes, Devon, UK.


On this website you can find out more about my work with cacao, yoga, and massage and my own personal journey. Feel free to contact me using the contact form if you want to ask anything & happy exploring!

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