I'm Tania - I share Yoga and cacao plant medicine in various offerings for women drawn to holistic, self-empowered approaches to healing, mindfully embodied practices, eastern philosophies and nature-based spirituality.


My Lunar Vinyasa Yoga classes offer space for you to mindfully release tension, cultivate strength, and relax, developing a healthy, nurturing relationship with your body, and through this, cultivating greater inner equilibrium, awareness and presence. I also offer various weekend Yoga workshops

I share cacao plant medicine in both group and one-to-one meditative ceremonies (and other individual cacao sessions) centred on guided inner journeying, to take you deeper within with the assistance of an ancient, sacred, heart-opening plant. 

I'm trained, certified and fully insured as an experienced professional practitioner in these offerings. I've been teaching yoga since 2012 (I began practicing back in 1995), and a sharing cacao plant medicine in ceremony since 2018. (I'm also an experienced Thai Yoga massage therapist - since 2015 - although not currently offering treatments.)

I'm based in Totnes, Devon, UK but also continue to share Yoga and cacao in Exeter, where I was based for many years.

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