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I'm Tania

- I am a trained, experienced cacao ritualist, sharing cacao as a plant spirit medicine, in intimate group and 121 ceremonies. These ceremonies are for women wishing to explore peaceful, grounding, introspective practices for personal healing, rooted in ritual arts and nature-based spirituality. No previous experience is required, just a wish to turn inwards, cultivate a meditative state, and share an ancient plant in a ceremony which draws on authentic Mayan rituals as well as other traditions which honour nature. Learn more here.


As I've also been a long-term student of eastern philosophies (Taoist and Zen particularly speak to me), and practitioner of Yoga and meditation, some of that undoubtedly filters in too.

I'm fully trained, insured & experienced in sharing all these offerings: 
Yoga teacher since 2012 (& practitioner since 1995)

- Devon School of Yoga 500hrs Diploma & lots of study & workshops over the years, including with some of the first western Ashtangis, in Hawaii, Portugal, London & throughout Devon

Thai Yoga massage practitioner since 2015

- Sunshine Network basic training 2014 in Thailand
-  Hadadi advanced techniques training 2017 in Portugal

Cacao plant spirit medicine practitioner since 2018

- Ritual Cacao Sacred Cacaoista Apprenticeship in 2018 in Spain
- Mayan Wisdom Project Cacao Training in 2022
- Mayan Wisdom Academy 12 month course 2021-22

and independent travels in the Mayan heartlands of Guatemala in 2023

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