I'm Tania - 

I'm a trained, experienced cacao specialist, Thai Yoga massage practitioner and Yoga teacher based in the South Hams, Devon, UK.

I share meditative, earth-based medicine offerings, introspective, nurturing, heart-oriented, holistic healing experiences, embodied treatments and tuition, rooted in a grounded, authentic basis of training as well as personal experience and ongoing practices. My offerings are for women who wish to explore nature-based spirituality, indigenous wisdom teachings, eastern philosophies and holistic health and spiritual traditions from a place of groundedness, authenticity and integrity, recognising & honouring the peoples and cultures from which these teachings arise.

I share Mayan cacao plant medicine in group and personal offerings which are now rooted in authentic Mayan traditions and rituals , and also draw on traditional plant spirit medicine ceremony techniques. My cacao initiation began with a cacaoista apprenticeship training (rooted in Amazonian-style plant spirit medicine ceremony but only working with cacao) in early 2018, and I began sharing cacao shortly after that. Wishing to deepen and ground my cacao work by connecting with an authentic Mayan lineage, in 2021-22 I began studying with the Mayan Wisdom Project; this included taking their Mayan cacao training in early 2022.

(Please explore the extensive cacao section of this website, starting here, for more info!)

I offer a gentle form of Thai Yoga massage, rooted in the "northern style" of Traditional Thai massage, in the Asokananda lineage - my main training was with the Sunshine Network, in a Lahu hill tribe village in the far north of Thailand, in 2014. In 2017 I took a training in advanced techniques in Thai massage, in Portugal.
In 2015 I undertook a 121 basic training in Hawaiian lomilomi (in the Big Island style lineage) whilst on Maui, Hawaii, and some of the spirit of this beautiful holistic healing & wisdom tradition filters into my treatments organically. 

(Please note that Thai massage treatments are only available to existing clients - so if this is an offering that interests you, you'll first need to come to one of my group events ie a cacao circle or Yoga workshop.)

I'm also a very experienced Yoga practitioner (since 1995) & teacher (since 2012) - my main training was with the Devon School of Yoga but I've also studied with several of the first western Ashtangis and travelled to Maui, Hawaii in 2015, where I discovered the heart-oriented, joyful Wisdom Flow Yoga. I've taught continuously around Devon since 2012, and also taught at an international Yoga retreat centre in Thailand in the winter of 2016-17. I have recently stepped away from offering weekly drop-in classes; at present I am offering private tuition as well as weekend public workshops which combine some Yoga and ceremonial cacao. 

I'm trained, certified and fully insured as an experienced professional practitioner in all of these offerings, and am open to creating bespoke treatments and sessions for individual clients in addition to the offerings described throughout my website.


- Tania 

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