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I'm Tania

- I am a trained, experienced cacao ritualist. For 20 years I was based in Devon, UK. I began sharing cacao as a plant spirit medicine in intimate group and 121 ceremonies for women in 2018, following my initial training in applying a traditional plant medicine ceremony approach to working with cacao (this is not how cacao was traditionally used in indigenous communities, but was a powerful fusion approach). I subsequently sought out Mayan teachers and was able to ground my existing plant spirit medicine approach to cacao within an appropriate, respectful ceremony that drew on traditional Mayan rituals and invocations (mostly not specific to cacao, since the notion of a "cacao ceremony" is really a modern western invention, not a Mayan tradition) which I was given permission to use. My training, the respect I have for the medicine and indigenous cultures, and my ongoing studies and practice with cacao mean that participants can enjoy what is, yes, a contemporary fusion, but one which is done respectfully, with depth and authenticity.

This an introspective, meditative experience rooted in respect for the medicine, indigenous traditional wisdom and also the potential to deepen our own connections to the natural world and our intuitive awareness. This approach respects and empowers each participant's potential to ultimately be their own healer, with the assistance of the cacao plant. 

My ceremonies are for those seeking an authentic, grounded, non-performative approach to ceremony, working with cacao as a sacred ritual offering and medicine.

Alongside a nature-based spiritual orientation, eastern philosophies and holistic health have also been a big part of my life. I'm a long-term Yoga practitioner (since 1995) and taught Yoga for a decade (2012 - 2022); a Thai Yoga massage practitioner (since 2015) and cacaoista (since 2018). 

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