In modern western cultures, as we long to heal ourselves, reconnect to spirit and honour the sacred in nature, there has been a surge of interest in plant medicines and the wisdom of indigenous cultures which cultivated these medicines and traditions

In a sacred ceremony, we step away from everyday life and into a safe, held space for a few hours, so that we can journey deep within and connect to our inner voice, receive intuitive guidance and release whatever "stones" we may be carrying in our inner bowl, weighing us down & blocking the flow of our vital energy, our life force

In a cacao ceremony, we do this with the assistance of cacao, an ancient sacred plant. The tradition of using cacao ritually and to assist inner journeying, dates back thousands of years to the Olmec and Mayan cultures of Mesoamerica. 

I won't go into too much detail because it's best to come with few expectations! And you'll be given all the information you need to prepare when you book your place...

But, in short - I work generally with small groups of women in my public ceremonies. We'll sit in a circle and after my introduction & opening, you have a chance to state your intentions, we drink the cacao together, invoking the spirit of the plant through some simple rituals, and then you will lie down, close your eyes and be guided on a deep inner journey for approximately 90minutes; after which you'll be brought back gently, given time to process through journaling and then sharing one "gift" you received from your experience with the group in a closing circle. 

This format is not a traditional Mayan cacao ceremony, though I am interested in and always acknowledge the Mayans' ancient ancestral connection to cacao. My personal way of working with cacao has more connection to Amazonian plant medicine ceremonies, reflecting the tradition my first cacao teacher was trained in. I would say my work is closer to traditional sacred plant spirit medicine than it is to the new age approaches to cacao which have become a powerful catalyst for contemporary interest in ceremonial cacao.  

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