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If you've previously participated in my group ceremonies, I am open to discussing working with you in a one-to-one session. The most popular one-to-one is a personal ceremony with cacao; I can also offer you individual tuition if you'd like to learn how to prepare cacao and cultivate your own personal rituals. (Please note I do not offer a training in holding cacao ceremonies though! This is just for those wishing to learn more about creating a personal cacao practice.)


£75 for a 121 cacao ceremony (lasting 2.5 - 3hrs)

For a 121 class please contact me to discuss what you're looking for, and I will give you a quote based on this.

(There may also be a travel charge depending on where you are - see below.)

(Please note I'm no longer based in Devon!) 
Normally I would travel to you for one-to-ones.

Depending on where you are I may charge just for travel expenses or, for longer-distances, there will be an extra charge for time as well. 

Contact me if you'd like to book a session.
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"I feel very fortunate to have been able to both join a group cacao circle and to have had a one-to-one cacao session with Tania. My experiences have been profound and powerful, and at the same time gentle and beautiful. Cacao truly is a medicine of the heart and soul, and I am so grateful that I have had Tania share this with me in her compassionate and caring way. Tania's knowledge of and respect for the culture and traditions that cacao comes from undoubtedly helps to deepen the experience; she creates a space that feels sacred and safe - and that is medicine in itself."
- Zoe

"I am forever grateful to Tania for introducing me to cacao and its gentle, transformative power. Cacao has supported my spiritual growth and personal development, on a path that I did not even know I had started!
I have attended a number of Tania’s cacao ceremonies over the last 3.5 years, each time I have felt my connection with this plant medicine growing deeper. Tania has inspired me to use cacao for my own personal rituals, but I love the energy and support of a group ceremony as well.
I undertook a 121 guided cacao ceremony with Tania recently. The experience was just as powerful as those I have received in a group setting, perhaps even more so as the ceremony felt very personal and tailored to my needs. Tania held the space with a gentle yet powerful and wise energy, as she always does. She guided me through the experience so I always felt safe. Her support facilitated integration of the experience post-ceremony; this has helped me work on some personal aspects of my life with which I had been previously struggling.
Prior to the cacao ceremony (and within the same session) I received Thai massage therapy from Tania. This is a wonderfully relaxing form of massage therapy and a perfect accompaniment to the 121 cacao ceremony; the whole experience was deeply relaxing and rejuvenating and I came away feeling calm and grounded, with a sense of release and an open heart. Thank you, Tania!"

Amy, marine biologist


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