A private, one-to-one Sacred Cacao Ritual Session is a chance for you to treat yourself to a personalised cacao plant medicine experience. There are a couple of options: one is the Sacred Cacao Ritual & Nidra session, the other is a Full Sacred Cacao Ceremony. 

A private cacao session might be simply a nurturing treat for you, a much-needed opportunity to relax, replenish and reconnect with yourself on various levels, or a chance to explore gentle plant medicine and a  deeper-diving form of shamanic journeying, in a one-to-one private setting.


This is a shorter session (either 1hr / 75mins / 90mins) than a cacao ceremony. Opt for this if you're after some nurturing, heart-opening and deep relaxation, or simply a gentle introduction to cacao for those unsure about a full ceremony.

This session shares some of the aspects of a full cacao ceremony: we begin by ritually drinking a ceremonial-grade cacao elixir together, and then you will lie down (on a comfortable futon mat on the floor), close your eyes and relax while I guide you through a meditation to help you relax into your body and connect to its sacred energies; followed by a yoga nidra (yoga sleep). The shorter nidras will relax you on all levels, the longer ones take you into deeper inner states where you can relax and let go of emotional blockages around the heart, and assist you in opening up a renewed sense of lightness in your heart and being. 

1hr - £50
75mins - £55
90 mins - £60



c.2 - 2.5hrs at least (this allows time for some processing / discussion & integration afterwards, but we can arrange a longer session if you wish to have more time for discussion. Also note that, because this is a one-to-one, we will be drinking the cacao after much less time than happens in a group ceremony; you can still experience the same length & depth of inner journeying etc.)

This will follow the same format as my group ceremonies, including the same rituals, intention setting, a guided meditation and yoga nidra to relax your body and still the mind, to prepare you for the main part of the ceremony: a deep-diving guided inner journey.

2hrs - £70
2.5hrs - £80

I am currently offering these sessions in central Totnes.

Contact me if you'd like to book a session.
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These sessions are offered in line with current government guidance regarding Covid 19. (One-to-one work is now permitted again!)

There is no close contact work involved in these cacao sessions so no PPE is required. We are simply required to maintain safe physical distancing, good hygiene and a ventilated space, as with group ceremonies.  These sessions will take place in a clean, dedicated treatment room used only for one-to-one sessions. 


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