my path...

I began a self-taught hatha yoga practice in 1995 (using a 1960s book as my teacher), while studying Philosophy (western) at university. I used it primarily as a physical practice, but also to balance and ground myself emotionally/psychologically - a good counter to the heavily academic studies. After graduation, I spent a few nomadic years living/travelling & working abroad (including Vancouver, New Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand & Spain); along the way, I began to connect with some eastern philosophies Taoism, Zen & Buddhism - philosophically I actually related to these three more easily than the little Yoga philosophy I'd read at that point.

I moved to Devon in 2004, to study fine art; here, after a decade of self-taught home yoga practice, I finally connected with a wonderful teacher, Duncan Hulin, founder & director of the Devon School of Yoga, and a deeper journey into yoga and my own healing process began. Duncan's Holistic Yoga classes (incorporating powerful kriyas, pranayama and meditation as well as asana) gave me a strong foundation in authentic yoga. From 2005 - 15, Duncan was my main teacher, and 2011-13 I trained as a yoga teacher with him on the Devon School of Yoga 500hr YTT. I began teaching in 2012, 6 months into the course. (Learn more about my approach to yoga here.)

During the years 2009-15, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga became my main personal yoga practice. I was a serious & committed  Ashtangi for a time, seeking out American pioneers David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff and Doug Swenson, as well as local teacher Andrea Durant. I found the practice tremendously emotionally grounding and physically healing, and to this day my daily yoga practice still includes a large chunk of the Primary Series.

Ashtanga studies took me to Portugal, London and finally Maui, Hawaii, in late 2015 - at which point I realised I'd gone as far as I wanted to with Ashtanga and needed to write my own script...I began exploring Maui's rich yoga culture and discovered a heart-oriented, feminine, inspiring, joyfully creative and philosophically satisfying approach in Jennifer Lynn's Wisdom Flow Yoga.  I experienced a profound heart-opening in my first class, a powerful dream message that night, and a new path opened up.

Maui marked a major turning point in my life, for so many reasons. I experienced a deep & unexpected soul retrieval of sorts there, and something in my soul connected strongly to the energy and beauty of this land. I immersed myself in other aspects of the island's indigenous healing culture while I was there, and traditional Hawaiian lomilomi healing & spirituality remains a key influence and guiding inspiration for me. (I also studied traditional Thai yoga massage in Devon, Thailand and Portugal; I began practicing professionally in 2015 but have currently stepped away from this offering.)

As the path of the heart, the feminine, the intuitive drew me in, I connected with cacao plant medicine, which felt like a missing piece of the inner puzzle, connecting me to the sacred in nature and the voice within. (You can learn more about my path with cacao here.)

As my path continues to evolve, and life continues to flow with all its flux and impermanence, yoga, cacao, meditation and the natural world are my anchors, bringing me back again and again...Cultivating the balance rooting in the earth but also expansive, spellbound by the skies.