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CACAO, meditation & NIDRA workshops


- A relaxing, nurturing afternoon of gentle Yoga, Mayan ceremonial cacao, guided meditations and a beautiful Yoga Nidra
SAT 5th AUGUST 2 - 5pm

at the Lotus Loft, Exeter

£35 full price

Advance booking & payment essential - contact me to book

All levels of  meditation & cacao experience welcome, including beginners. as well as those who have been communing with cacao for a while!

A beautifully uplifting, nurturing, gentle & feminine heart-opening mini-retreat, this afternoon session offers you a chance to enjoy some delicious Mayan cacao and authentic rituals, ask questions, and be guided on a deeply relaxing meditation journey to transport you to sacred shores and beyond…. A gentle immersion into sources of indigenous wisdom, a small serving of Mayan artisanal ceremonial cacao, some time for Q&A about cacao’s history and traditional and modern role both in her homelands (where I was recently able to finally visit!) and also here across the ocean, some authentic Mayan rituals to create sacred space and honour this beautiful medicine.
Some of you might be familiar with my various cacao offerings over the last 6 years: this Lammas/Lynx Moon session offers something between my cacao ceremonies & Yoga Cacao Nidra workshops, combining elements of both to create a new offering for the lighter energy of summer and the first Lammas stirrings of harvest season. The main elements of this session will be:
- Mayan rituals & invocation to open up sacred space
- sharing a serving of cacao together, and discussion / Q & A time
- guided meditation leading into…
-  a beautiful guided relaxation: a special Yoga Nidra to transport you to the shores of Lake Atitlan and beyond…
**There is no Yoga asana involved in this session, so no experience in Yoga – or indeed meditation, cacao or anything else is needed!** All that’s required is the sincere desire to come and enjoy an introspective, nurturing, heart-opening afternoon, learn more about cacao, and turn inwards to deepen your connection to your heart, and the cycles and sacredness of the natural world, and gratitude for the gifts of the earth – all with the help of the purest form of what eventually becomes better known as chocolate…
I have been sharing cacao in Yoga-related workshops since 2017 and in sacred plant ceremonies since 2018; I've trained in both Mayan and Amazonian traditions of working with cacao as a sacred medicine, sharing cacao with depth, integrity, and heartfelt respect for and permission from my indigenous teachers. These teachers emphasize also that cacao can bring sweetness into our lives, so we’ll share this sacred drink in that spirit as we celebrate Lammas and the Lynx Moon together!

Feedback from recent cacao offerings:
“Thank you very much again Tania….for creating and holding such beautiful space…I’m still feeling absolutely incredible – my experience was like getting the best high five from the Universe…”
“Maltiox [thank you in Mayan!] for holding this beautiful ceremony – I am very grateful I could be part of it…”
“What a powerful and enriching experience! Feel very blessed to have been there…The ceremony was an extremely nurturing and powerful process within a safe, beautiful group of women. You held and supported us as a group with such grace, it was a truly empowering and life-changing experience.”
“Thank you so much for such a lovely ceremony…It’s given me new energy and this last week has been so productive and positive…”

** This session is different to my women’s sacred cacao medicine ceremonies, and also slightly different to the Yoga Cacao Nidra workshops I've been offering since 2017! This new expression is more cacao focused, intended to offer more time for questions & learning about cacao, so there will not be any Yoga asana practice in this session. 


 - click here for upcoming  cacao medicine ceremony dates. 

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