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Gentle, nurturing afternoons suitable for all levels of Yoga experience, and open to all women who would like to experience a gentle serving of ceremonial grade cacao and a guided, deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep).
f you aren't sure about coming to a cacao medicine circle just yet, Yoga Cacao Nidras are also an unintimidating introduction to this sacred ritual plant.
Advance booking required, with payment at time of booking.
Contact me if you would like to book



- A relaxing, nurturing afternoon of gentle Yoga, Mayan ceremonial cacao, guided meditations and a beautiful Yoga Nidra

at the Lotus Loft

All levels of Yoga experience welcome, including beginners.

An uplifting, nurturing and delicious heart-oriented afternoon, infused with tropical beauty and indigenous wisdom, combining some flowing Lunar Vinyasa Yoga (my nourishing, gently energising fusion of moon salutes and holistic hatha yoga), beautiful wisdom teachings from Mayan and Hawaiian traditions, a small serving of pure ceremonial-grade heart-opening cacao (the purest form of what becomes chocolate), & a deep guided blissful relaxation with a specially-written Yoga Nidra to transport you across tropical forests, sacred waters, bathed in moonlight and a meditation on the cycles of life and starlit voyages across vast oceans...

I am a highly trained and experienced cacao practitioner (since 2018) and Yoga teacher (since 2012); I share cacao with the permission of and respect for my Mayan teachers and their sacred medicine.

** This session is different to my women’s sacred cacao medicine circles (click here to see upcoming dates for those), as it includes some physical Yoga and Yoga Nidra, and a smaller serving of ceremonial cacao. However, my Yoga Cacao Nidras can also serve as a gentle, unintimidating introduction to cacao as a plant medicine, providing a beautiful and gentle bridge, as well as being a nourishing, inspiring Yoga workshop imbued with heart-led wisdom, for anyone in need of that! 


 - click here for upcoming  cacao medicine circle dates. 

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